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Hey guys! Today is a real treat for me, because I get to share some of my own work with you. Read on for more!


The Last Protector

The Last Protector

Series: The Star Child, Book 3.5
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult
Gabriel Stewart helped his best friend Kellen St. James save the world from The Scourge in the Battle of Dublin. But before that? Gabe was just an ordinary guy who kept having dreams about a little boy with black hair and green eyes—a boy he hadn’t even met yet. More info →
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Excerpt From The Last Protector

The grass was still damp from the rain earlier, from constant rain, really. Moisture seeped through the opening in the bottom of my right boot and I pulled my coat tighter. It hadn’t been cold a moment ago but, all of a sudden, I could see my breath.

Finally, I stopped outside a squat brick building. I knew deep down to my bones that this was it–where I needed to be. But why had I come in the first place?

Only one window was lit on the ground floor. Through the glass I could make out a small boy with dark hair. He sat alone, reading. After a moment,

It would have been a totally normal scene if it weren’t for the unease slithering through my veins. Something was gonna go down.

“This is the one. I’d know him anywhere.” I glanced to the left and caught sight of two guys standing just under the kid’s window. Shrinking back into the shadows, I hugged the wall and crouched down behind a bush. Wherever the weird sense in my gut had come from, instinct told me it had everything to do with these two.

“I dunno, Ewan.” The shorter of the two men moved a step closer, and I caught something I hadn’t before. One of the guys was green. Short and green. Like a wicked witch but not as tall. “I know he’s here. I followed the scent.”

The other one held up two hands. “I believe ye. You’re definitely right. It’s just…if the lord finds us here it’ll be both our heads.” The one called Ewan took a step closer.

The one called Ewan took a step closer. “We’ll use the boy as leverage. We must listen to Cana’s warnings.”

“The old hag knows nothing. Kellen St. James–”

“St. James will have power.”

“That’s a rumor and nothing more. It ain’t worth risking our necks over, you ‘ear?”

“Look at him, just sitting there. Murder him now and we’ll avoid trouble later.”


A Shadow In the Past

A Shadow In the Past

Sarah Shand is a nineteen-year old who finds herself thrust back into the past where she struggles to keep her real identity secret from a society that is put off by her strange comments and ideas, not to mention the forwardness in her speech and actions, More info →
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Excerpt From A Shadow In The Past

 Sarah spun around at the sound of the approaching engine. Headlights sparkled and danced in the closing darkness, blinding her. The next few seconds appeared to unfold in slow motion. A horn blared, brakes screeched, and smoke surged out from beneath the tires. Hypnotized by the dazzling light, Sarah couldn’t move. The impact of the car’s bumper sent a searing pain through her legs. Her bones snapped like twigs as she flew into the windshield and over the car onto the road.

With a sickening thud, her head smashed against the asphalt. As Sarah lay there, vomit and blood rose in her throat. She tried to roll over to keep from choking, but her body refused to obey. All the strength drained from her body, and her world faded away into nothing.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!”

Sarah thought she had imagined the hysterical woman’s voice.

“Don’t die on me; please don’t die. I’ve called 9-9-9. Help will be here soon.”

Sarah felt the soft touch of a hand caressing her forehead and looked up into the face of a wide-eyed girl of about her age. Behind the girl, a mangled car rested against a tree. Sarah opened her mouth to speak but couldn’t. She shivered.

“You must be freezing. Here, let me cover you.” The young girl removed her coat and placed it over Sarah. “Please just stay with me,” she pleaded, looking over her shoulder. As the sirens wailed in the distance, everything went dark.

When Sarah’s eyes flickered open, the frantic girl and her wrecked car were nowhere to be seen. Instead of the asphalt surface of Kendonald Road, Sarah lay sprawled out on a narrow, gravel lane.

Sarah’s chest felt as if her father’s entire herd of cows had run over it. She gasped for air and tried to prop herself up on her elbows but collapsed as stones gouged her arms.

Using her last ounce of strength, Sarah hauled herself to her feet. Her head throbbed as if it was about to explode, and something wet and sticky ran down the back of her neck. Dirt and blood covered her rugby shirt and jeans, and her trainers were gone. Sharp gravel bit into her stocking feet as she staggered, trying not to fall. Sarah was surprised she was able to stand. She was certain the impact with the car had broken her legs and maybe even her back.

She wiped her hands on her shirt and cried out in pain. Dirt and blood covered her palms, and her knees felt like they’d been scraped with sandpaper. Her chest hurt with every breath, and she wondered if her ribs were broken.

Barely able to make out a faint light shining in the distance, Sarah stumbled toward it, thinking it was the yard light near her father’s barn. She clapped her hands over her ears in an attempt to block out the incessant ringing, but it didn’t work.

Sarah blinked and stared at one of the ghostly trees lining the roadway. The trunk expanded and contracted before her eyes as if it were breathing. A gust of wind rasped through the branches, and a sudden cry of a long-eared owl made her jump. Shivering, Sarah crossed her arms and rubbed, but pain shot all the way to her fingertips, forcing her to stop.


Recipe of the Day

Image Courtesy Of Jeff Wilcox, Flickr
Image Courtesy Of Jeff Wilcox, Flickr

I’m from Pennsylvania and we are into pumpkin everything here. My favorite drink is a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I thought I’d share a great recipe I’ve found online.

Make Your Own Damn Pumpkin Spice Latte For $1

Music of the Day

I listened to a ton of music while writing The Last Protector. One song that really sets the mood of the story is Cool Kids by Echosmith. Have a listen!