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Welcome to the café! Today we’re featuring Anneli Purchase’s title, Julia’s Violinist.
And here’s an excerpt…

Excerpt From Julia’s Violinist

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Three days later the POWs gathered their few possessions and lined up at the Stalag gates to have their passbooks stamped on their way to freedom. The last distribution of mail was done as the soldiers passed through the gates. Only a handful of POWs had mail. Karl thought he must have heard wrong when his name was called. The Russian guard tossed a tatty bundle of letters to him and read the next name. Karl was stunned. Not a single letter for over a year and now, on the last day, a bundle of … thirty-one, he counted. All from Julia.

He was frantic with wanting to open them, but nothing, not even these special letters, could make him lag behind in the POW camp. Out! Out! Just get out first, and then I can look at them.

As soon as he was out of sight of the prison camp, he sank down on the ground beside the road. His hands trembled as he opened the first letter. Through tears he saw her lovely handwriting, so perfect and neat; words that spoke of loneliness and longing. Each letter contained a small anecdote of Julia’s home life and ended with the hope that they would see each other again. Around the edges of the pages his name was written over and over in a border design, “KarlKarlKarlKarl. I miss you, Karl.”

He wasn’t sure how long he sat there. Other recently released POWs walked by. No one stopped. They had seen it all and there was nothing unusual about a man sitting in the dirt crying his eyes out as he read his mail.


Julia’s Violinist

Julia’s Violinist

The lovely Julia has it all—a seemingly perfect life. The aftermath of WWII changes all that. Widowed and homeless, Julia and her two small children become refugees in their own land. As she tries to rebuild her life, Julia is drawn into a love triangle. New flames or old flames—both can burn and destroy. More info →
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Anneli’s Café Order

And what would Anneli order at our café counter?

“My favourite treat is an almond croissant with a tall Americano coffee.”
Sounds fab! But what about the music?


Anneli’s Music
“Music that contributed to the inspiration of JV was from an old German choir book that my parents brought to Canada with them over 60 years ago. The sheet music for the song is pictured on the cover of Julia’s Violinist. It is a song calling for the peace of night to come to take away the troubles and fatigue endured during the long hard day.”
Wonderful. Here’s a little German choir music to get us inspired!